Supreme Court to Possibly Hear Stephan Case in 2018

The Supreme Court has scheduled May 15, 2018 for now to hear the case.

A tentative hearing date has been set by the Supreme Court of Canada for David and Collet Stephan. The two former southern Alberta parents, who lived in Glenwood, were convicted in 2016 for failing to provide the necessaries of life in their son Ezekiel's 2012 death. The toddler died from bacterial meningitis after the couple attempted to treat him with natural remedies rather than taking him to see a doctor. David was sentenced to four months in jail after a lengthy Lethbridge Queen's Bench trial, while his wife was ordered to spend three months under house arrest. The Stephan's convictions were upheld last month by the Alberta Court of Appeal. However, since it wasn't a unanimous decision, the couple now has an automatic right to have the Supreme Court hear the case. The Supreme Court has scheduled May 15, 2018 for both parents. The Crown has also indicated that it intends to appeal, saying that the sentences are far too lenient. -Sam Borsato

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