UPDATE: Lethbridge Police Arrest Suspect Wanted on Warrant

Lethbridge Police are investigating a violent assault in which a liquor store clerk was hit with bottles and punched in the head.

A man and woman are facing charges following an assault and robbery.

Lethbridge Police were called out to a liquor store on 23rd Street North Monday night (Mar. 11) after reports of an injured man. Officers went inside and found the store in disarray and a 19 year old employee on the floor with significant head injuries.

The investigation revealed the clerk had recognized three people as being banned from the store for stealing booze and when he asked them to leave, police say the man was hit in the head with bottles and punched until he fell to the ground.

The victim was taken to hospital with cuts to his head. Police say the suspects got away with a quantity of liquor and took off before they arrived on scene.

After reviewing video of the incident, LPS arrested 37 year old Garrett Shane Williams who is facing a charge of aggravated assault and robbery. A warrant has been issued for 46 year old Deana Small Eyes, also facing the same charges.

Police are still trying to identify a third suspect. 

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