Wind Energy Sector Poised to Deliver Billions of Dollars to Alberta Companies in Foreseeable Future

A new report indicates the wind energy sector is expected to play a major role when it comes to renewable power in this province in the next few years.

The wind energy sector is expected to deliver close to $4 billion in spending to Alberta companies between now and the year 2030. According to a new report for the Canadian Wind Energy Association, if wind energy were to meet 90%of the Alberta government's commitment to renewable power, it would result in more than $8 billion of investment in new wind projects. The report also says a skilled workforce and a clear procurement policy from the province could result in thousands of new jobs. Evan Wilson with the Wind Energy Association tells our radio station, southwest Alberta plays a major role when it comes to overall wind energy in the province, adding the region is the leader right now and the least risky for investment in the industry. The Alberta government plans to add 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity within the next 12 years. -Pat Siedlecki
Evan Wilson

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