Marilyn Manson is allowed to punch Scott McGregor

I feel terrible about this whole Marilyn Manson thing at Denny's and want to apologize to him for what happened.  I hope that one guy who punches a celebrity (for whatever reason) doesn't give this great city a black eye (pun intended).  I love Lethbridge and believe it's full of so much potential and when things like this happens I feel it's up to all of us to make things right.

That's why starting today, I'm offering ANYONE named Marilyn Manson a chance to punch me in the face.  There's probably a lot of people in who want to punch me in the face...let's be honest.  BUT if your name is Marilyn Manson I'll give you Front Of Line access.  This offer is open to people named Marilyn Manson only.  

After I'm punched, I'd like to buy Marilyn Manson the meal at Denny's he wasn't able to have.  Lethbridge should be safe place for you and me and Anti-Christ Superstars who want pancakes at 2am.  

I've been a fan of Marilyn Manson since I was a kid.  His music helped me get through some really tough times in my life and if offering my face in tribute helps him feel better about this whole situation, then it'll be worth it. Lethbridge is a great city with great people (and a great Modern Music radio station) and I'll let Marilyn Manson hit me to prove it. 

Let's be clear that violence should never be the answer for any problem you have with any one famous or not.

That said...please Marilyn Manson, come back to Lethbridge, Alberta and punch me in the face, so we can all be friends again. 

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