Marilyn Manson Plays Lethbridge, Alberta

Marilyn Manson came to Lethbridge off the heels of his new record The Pale Emperor on Easter weekend.  Seems fitting right? I honestly never thought I'd see him in this town.  It's something that was on my list of "Things That Will Never Happen In Lethbridge". Even hearing his name scares some people (including my wife). Lethbridge you proved me wrong, the Enmax was jammed and the crowd was electric.  There was even a GIANT line up...almost like a pilgrimage of fans wanting to buy his merch. 

I've been a huge fan of his music since I was a (Disposable) teen. When I grew up everything was not always sunshine and rainbows, I was angry at the world and his music became my best friend.  I know most of his songs off by heart, with a few exceptions...'Eat Me Drink Me' & 'The High End Of Low'...were low points in his music for me, so I've decided to pretend they never happened. Ironically he didn't play any songs from those records at his show so perhaps he feels the same way?

The concert started right on time (8pm) as the first of 2 opening bands took the stage, Canada's 'Die Mannequin'. They did their job playing some great songs and get the crowed hyped up.  They played a song we're played on 98.1 The Bridge called "I'm Just A Girl" and it sounds great live, I recommend checking out their new album "Neon Zero". They were the only band that was actually selling music at their merch table which surprised me.  Also kudos to the guitarist who hung out at the merch table for quite a bit saying hi to fans and meeting people.  Bands who who make real connections with fans, keep those fans coming back! 

Die Mannequin - Sucker Punch 

I think the biggest surprise of the show (for me) was the second opening band "Deap Vally". Take the Black Keys and the White Stripes, put them in a blender and pull out 2 hot chicks.  You have Southern California's Deap Vally.  The best new band I've heard in a LONG time. They also knit and sell their toques at their booth!  They are now the band I want to tell everyone I know about.  I could yammer on about them trying to convince you to listen to them for hours.  It's better if you just hear them for yourself.

Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell

Marilyn Manson hit the stage at 10pm on the dot and played for an hour and a half.  He's a real entertainer and knows how to make an entrance. The lights go off, the room stage fills with smoke and you can't see anything except flashing red lights.  I can see the guitarists picking up their weapons.  Then the sound hits you.  It's a mix of bass and lights and smoke and that awesome feeling you get before something amazing is about to happen. From out the darkness he emerges as red lights give you a sense that if you look away you're going to miss it. You don't want to blink. The drums and guitars start and he breaks into Deep Six the lead single from his new record. He paces back and fourth pumping his fist in the air and you can almost get the feeling he trying to pump himself up and feed of the energy of the audience. 

Here's the intro video from his show in Dawson Creek. 

I wear ear plugs when I go to concerts now and it's a love hate relationship. I love that my ears don't ring for 3 days like they used to.  I hate that it makes me less excited because I hear all the flaws.  Truth is...this was my 5th time seeing Marilyn Manson.  I'm a super fan. I brought all the albums and all the VHS concert videos he's put out.  My room was COVERED in his posters when I was a kid and any magazine I saw with him in it, I would buy.  His concert during the Mechanical Animals tour was my first concert ever.  This was at the height of his popularity when people used to protest his shows outside the venues. That doesn't happen anymore.  Now, maybe I'm wrong but he sounded a bit drunk during the show.  I'm not surprised and if you were in the mosh pit you probably didn't care.  Rock N Roll isn't about sounding perfect, and I know that.  Maybe I'm jaded because I did see him back in the day and it feels different than seeing him now.  We all change and evolve.  You can't break lights over yourself every night for 10 years and live to keep making music, I get that. 

I don't want you to get the idea that it wasn't awesome and I didn't love every second of it.  I did. It was. 

He really connected with the audience at times and even go down close to them which is something I've never seen him do.  Didn't really stop the show to talk too much, other than to tell the audience he would refer to them as "you guys" since they were chanting "MANSON". He handed out some gifts in the form of water bottles and....tambourines. He always showed love to the crowed no matter if you were on the floor or in the seats.  He did that classic "Which side cheers louder thing" a few times.  From our seats we could see his special tent backstage where he does costume and make up changes mid show.  There's no long break between songs and he never waits for the crowd to finish clapping because he moves on to something else.  When you see a Marilyn Manson concert you are seeing someone work hard for an hour and a half. 

I will see him again. 

Set List: 

Deep Six, Disposable Teens, Mobscene, No Reflection, Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, Sweet Dreams, Cupid Carries A Gun, Rock Is Dead, The Dope Show, Killing Strangers, Personal Jesus, This Is The New S*it, The Beautiful People, Irresponsible hate Anthem, Coma White. 

He rarely does an encore ever.  Lets be honest, they are predictable and silly.  

Thanks to Jaime Vedres for sharing these pictures with us

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