There's a Rap Battle happening in Alberta right now.

The fight for equality for the LGBTQ Community continues and a lot of talk in Alberta has been around bathrooms, change rooms and anywhere people might be naked. Like any great debate, I feel like everything can be solved with a good rap battle.  IT WORKED IN 8 MILE!

On one side you have a mother of 3 who doesn't think tax dollars should be used to facilitate a (small) portion of the population who is questioning their gender. On another side you have a father of 3 who believes the issue is more about respecting the rights of all individuals and identities. 

Watch both and share your comments on our Facebook Page:

IN THE PINK CORNER: A concerned Alberta mother raps her thoughts on the "transgender Guidelines"


IN THE RAINBOW CORNER: An Alberta Dad raps in response to the mother who rapped about the transgender guidelines

While we're on the topic, the photo below was posted in a grocery store in Georgia and I feel like no matter what side of this battle you're on we can all agree white people should stick to the Banjo. 

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