Bridge Fridge 2018!

#BridgeFridge 2018 Edition! What's in the Fridge??

Listen for clues every morning with us, Jay & Cor of the Bridge Breakfast at 7:30AM.
We'll have some hints for you...and your chance to call 403 327 0981 to get your guess in! Guess correctly & win some sweet prizes + get in on the grand prize draw of our sweet BridgeFridge!

Congrats Chris Demers, correctly guessing a remote control Millennium Falcon & becoming our first qualifier for The Bridge Fridge! 
We'll be starting this all over again Monday morning with a brand new thing in the Bridge Fridge! 

A big thank you to our Bridge Fridge sponsors: The Brick, Velocity Signs, Mojo's, Weibe's Delicatessen, Piggyback Poutinerie, Kingsmen Ale House & Theoretically Brewing! More details HERE

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