Do you sleep with your phone beside your head?

We pretty much ALL sleep with a cell phone beside our noggins these days. In most cases, it seems our cell/smart phone is our alarm clock, so we don't really have much of a choice!

But I might be rethinking that based on the results of a study by a group of Danish high school girls.

They all felt they were a little groggy or simply weren't thinking straight on the morning's after they fell asleep with their phones.

So they did an experiment, looking into the impact of wi-fi radiation on living cells. These used cress seeds, separating them out across 12 different trays and placing 6 trays in one room and 6 in another. They only difference between the rooms? One had a couple of standard wi-fi routers, broadcasting the same type of radiation that pours out of our cellphones. It's close to the same as sleeping with your phone on your bedside table.

Here's what the cress looked like after 12 days.

Seeds from the wi-fi-free room:

Seeds from the wi-fi room:

I don't know about you - but, moving forward, I think I might be tossing my phone in a drawer before sleepy time.

You can read more about the experiment here.

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