Friday Fresh Cut!

2017 started with the women’s march for equal rights & protesting sexual the fall, the hashtag #MeToo went viral - women around the world self-identifing as victims and survivors of sexual abuse...2017 closed out with an all-out reckoning in Hollywood & the Entertainment Industry in general - which continues into 2018 with the "Time's Up" movement at the Golden Globes.
If there’s one woman in music whose voice has stood out amidst all of this - it's Kesha. 

She's been locked in a legal battle with her producer Dr. Luke since 2014, whom she says “sexually, physically, and verbally” abused her...well Kesha turned her struggle into triumph with her latest album Rainbow. Her first single 'Praying' dominated the charts in 2017. And her follow up single has been described as Kesha 'asserting her independance'...
Have a listen & let us know what you think! 

Your Friday Fresh Cut is brand new from Kesha...this is 'Woman'.