Friday Fresh Cut!

Well this is just awesome. An offshoot of - online music news site Noisy - has been begging & pleading with Weezer to cover Toto - Africa for weeks...and it's finally happened. 
Straight from the Noisy.Vice.Com, I quote "After weeks of toying with us, and at one point even covering a different Toto song to *expletive deleted* with us, Rivers Cuomo and company finally did it. They covered “Africa” and it is so beautiful that our entire staff started crying in unison. We didn’t even have to say a word. We just looked at each other and felt the overwhelming power of rains being blessed gently, sweetly by Weezer.' "
So - how could we not make today's Friday Fresh Cut - Weezer, covering Africa.

This whole thing is wholesome & hilarious. Read the whole story HERE