Loblaws Admits to Price-Fixing - Wants to Make it Better

The least of my current list of worries is price-fixing in the bread industry. You can find price-fixing over a loaf of bread but no one will admit it they're all doing it with gasoline when it's PAINFULLY obvious? C'mon. We're not daft.

Regardless -- price-fixing in the bread industry. Lots of companies implicated, including Loblaws, who appear to be the first to apologize for the mess (They also get immunity from prosecution because they tipped off the competition bureau to the deal).

And Loblaws is looking to offer up $25 gift cards as a way of making amends with their customers.

Head here to, apparently, claim a gift card. It's their legit page and they say they'll start this program in January. If you enter your email they say they'll send you a notification once registration is open.