Man Crush Monday!

Sir Patrick Stewart revealed that he uses marijuana EVERY DAY & is actually helping back a study at Oxford University in the UK because it's made such a huge difference for him...he uses an ointment, spray and edibles to help him deal with his arthritis & said up until a california doctor gave him a prescription for it, he couldn't even make a fist. So you could say he's a big fan.

He spent most of his life mistakenly believing he was circumcised...until his wife pointed it out...
He said his mom told him that he'd been circumcised, and he always believed her...His own mom trolled him about his body...

& just in case you didn't hear this already - he's been cast as the voice of poo in the upcoming Emoji Movie.

He also said that he’d be retiring from the X-Men franchise, BUT that he could be tempted to return as Professor X in the Wolverine-Deadpool crossover we might not have seen the last of Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X. ...But Sir Patrick Stewart as The Poo Emoji is good enough for me, keep it coming, Sir. Keep it coming. 

AND (bonus reason to love SPS) he's currently Fostering a Rescued Pit...cue the AWWWWWWW's! 

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