Man Crush Monday!

Do yourself a favor & youtube Allan Rayman. 

My new favorite song we play on The Bridge, is 13 by Allan from his album Roadhouse 01. 

And he's got a new video out now - just came out the end of March “Verona’s Obsession Vol. 1” 
It's actually less of a video & more of a super short's An ’80s Vampire Thriller! Amazing. 
The video's second volume is coming out next week according to his Facebook Page.

Not only is he super artsy like that, but he's just a cool cat all around.
He worked in construction before hitting the music scene...he's 26 years old & his music is described as a post-modernist sound that's absorbed the essential elements of rock, hip-hop, soul and blues. 

And his million-plus Spotify streaming numbers are testament to how good he is...

So check out Allan Rayman the next time you're jonesin' for new tunes! 
Hit up his website head to Spotify - which is streaming his entire album...--Cor 

Man Crush Monday's on The Bridge! 

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