Man Crush Monday!

It's no secret that our boss & afternoon guy Scott McGregor is a huge Oilers this Man Crush is not about Scott...but he wants me to talk more about The here we go.

11 years. The Last Dynasty. Yada yada yada.

I'm a Flames fan...but super happy for Oilers fans. 
I watched The Oilers win the other night, & noticed three things that previously I hadn't paid much attention to.

One: I finally saw Connor McDavid play & I get it now. The whole McDavid fever business, I get it. 
But this Man Crush isn't about Connor McDavid. 

The second thing I noticed & liked is all the Ghostbuster stuff on the goalie's helmet. Whatshisname again, Talbot? Great goalie. Great helmet. Likes the Ghostbusters. Great guy.
But this Man Crush isn't about Talbot.

This Man Crush is about Joey Moss. 

Joey Moss is an Oilers Legend. 
In 1985, Gretzky dated a woman who's brother has down syndrome & got him hired on as the locker room attendant...Gretzky even offered to pay Joey's wages for the team at the time...

You might remember the PSA's that ran with Gretzky & Joey back in the late 80's...

Well Moss has been with The Oilers ever since, 32 years!
They even have an annual Joey Moss Cup in a split squad game.
He's 53 years old & still going strong.

So this Man Crush Monday is for none other than Joey Moss - no one is more pumped for The Oilers to be heading to the 2nd round.