The Bridge Breakfast with Jay & Corlee

Jay Herrington

Jay was the mistake of his family, the result of a drunken bowling tournament somewhere in Massachusetts, USA. While technically a “Yankee”, please don’t hold that against him. His parents packed him and his brothers up and quickly moved everyone to Quispamsis, NB – that’s just outside Saint John, NB where he spent his formative years.

Ontario and its vast patios, high taxes, and skyrocketing hydro rates beckoned in the late 90s, so he went running, spending time in Kitchener-Waterloo and most recently our nation’s capital, Ottawa.

Jay toyed with spending the rest of his days in Ottawa, particularly on Parliament Hill, but admittedly is easily corruptible and figured he’d end up on trial for expensing $80.00 on a glass of orange juice.

While in Ottawa, Jay met and married his beautiful wife, Adele, and now spends his days attempting to corrupt their two young children, Andie and Riker (yep, Jay’s a Trek fan.)

And now, the Herrington clan is excited to call Lethbridge home. He looks forward to spending his mornings with you.


Corlee Torok

Hey, I'm Corlee.
I'm also known as Miani'stsii Piiksaki in the Blackfoot community...high fives if you can pronounce it properly on the first try! Roughly translated it means 'Wakes before the birds'...

I'm a pure Southern Alberta girl, born & raised. I like beef, beets and bonfires . 
I never say no to a challenge & I'm way too competitive to ever "let" anyone win, little kids included. Don't judge me. 
If you can talk to me in movie quotes, know what COD & k/d are and have a survival pack nearby in the event of a zombie apocalypse...then we were probably meant to be friends. 
You'll likely find me striking out in Softball Valley, floating the Old Man or catching the latest live show wherever the music is. 

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